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Medpharm Publications was founded in 1988 and has established itself as the largest medical and pharmaceutical journal publisher in South Africa.

With a publications list of more than ten titles comprising of over fifty journal editions, Medpharm Publications reach more than 40 000 healthcare workers countrywide with printed editions, and has established a global audience with the online editions.

The majority of Medpharm Publications’ journals are associated with professional or scholarly societies and acts as the official South African mouthpiece in the associated discipline. All journals are web-based, most of which are fully peer-reviewed, with five titles accredited by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to earn research subsidies for academic departments.

As a publisher, passionate about journal publishing, we believe that South African researchers and clinicians can and will make a significant contribution to world medical literature.


Self–Care Awareness Month in September is a time to remind us how important it is to take care of ourselves. Self-care is often neglected in our everyday lives, with many of us placing careers and the needs of others before our own. When practiced regularly, self-care creates significant personal, social, and economic benefits. Fortunately, health and medical innovations means that more and more people are able to take control of their health by both treating and preventing conditions and diseases.

FREE RADICALS ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND | The role of antioxidants in boosting your health

We have trillion of cells in our bodies that are constantly facing various hazards. These threats can be due to lack of food or types of infections. A constant threat comes from chemicals called free radicals, which are the waste substances or by-products formed when the body processes food and reacts to the environment1,2. Free radicals are also formed after exercising or exposure to cigarette smoke, air pollution, and sunlight2.

Press Release | HASA – Hospital Association of South Africa | September 2023 | State of NHI

As South Africa continues on the road towards adopting National Health Insurance experts have warned that a sluggish economy, centralised state entities and an under performing health care system will make that task all that harder.

Press Release | HASA – Hospital Association of South Africa | September 2023 | 4IR more than a nice-to-have if its strengths are recognised.

The fourth industrial revolution will allow South Africa to leapfrog to a better future, but there is a need to recognise the true value of this suite of technologies and deploy them correctly.

Press Release | HASA – Hospital Association of South Africa | September 2023 | Panel Discussion

For National Health Insurance to succeed in South Africa a meaningful collaboration needs to take place between private and public health care so as to speed up the implementation of the initiative and overcome major obstacles.