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COVID-19 — Private hospitals an ‘obsessive infection control bubble’

Patients returning to private hospitals for treatment will find themselves in an “obsessive infection control bubble” environment that is intended to keep them safer from the novel coronavirus than virtually anywhere else. Hospitals have paid close attention to their systems to ensure as heightened a state of safety for patients from the virus exists, as is possible. COVID-19 shouldn’t deter anyone from seeking healthcare.

Local digital health company acquired by global insurance leader

Digital health and wellness services company HealthInsite, has been acquired by international insurance giant Zurich. HealthInsite offers a range of innovative health tech products which impact on engagement, productivity, and health outcomes through the incorporation of health risk assessments, physical activity and biometric tracking, behavioural change challenges that reduce lifestyle risk, sophisticated rewards system and personalised content covering physical, mental, financial and social health.

New supplement launched in SA to assist with male infertility

For many couples, starting a family happens naturally without any detailed planning or interventions. Unfortunately, when trying to conceive, 15% of couples struggle and may need to seek medical advice about how to improve their chances of falling pregnant. Fortunately, SINOPOL® him is now available in South Africa.

1 in 28 SA women affected by breast cancer – detecting breast cancer through mammograms increases survival

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer amongst women in South Africa, affecting 1 in 28 women, and in urban communities the incidence is as high as 1 in 8 according to National Health Laboratory statistics. But early screening and detection of the disease dramatically improve women’s chances of survival and reduces the need for aggressive and invasive treatment. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Breast Imaging Society of South Africa (BISSA) urges women to regularly self-examine and have an annual mammogram from the age of 40.

A healthy heart matters this World Heart Day

In South Africa, 255 people die from heart diseases every single day, despite the fact that 80% of heart diseases and strokes can be prevented. Healthy food choices can positively impact cardiovascular health and immunity in a matter of weeks and along with moderate physical activity, can reduce the risk of heart disease and play a vital role in maintaining an optimal immune response.

Medpharm Publications was founded in 1988 and has established itself as the largest medical and pharmaceutical journal publisher in South Africa.
With a publications list of more than ten titles comprising of over fifty journal editions, Medpharm Publications reach more than 40 000 healthcare workers countrywide with printed editions, and has established a global audience with the online editions.
The majority of Medpharm Publications’ journals are associated with professional or scholarly societies and acts as the official South African mouthpiece in the associated discipline. All journals are web-based, most of which are fully peer-reviewed, with five titles accredited by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to earn research subsidies for academic departments.
As a publisher, passionate about journal publishing, we believe that South African researchers and clinicians can and will make a significant contribution to world medical literature.

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