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Contact Cheryl Stulting to discuss advertising possibilities.

Contact Cheryl Stulting to discuss advertising possibilities.

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Professional Nursing Today (PNT) is the official journal of the Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders (FPNL), the Society for Private Nursing Practitioners (SPNP), the Nursing Education Association (NEA) and the Society of Midwives of South Africa (SOMSA). Nursing practitioners rely on PNT to provide them with clinically applicable and academic content covering a wide range of topics such as, mother and child health, vaccinology, primary healthcare, critical care and wound care.


Nurses do more than care for individuals, they innovate, influence and drive therapeutic decisions at the most basic levels through direct interaction with their patients. As a compulsory read for nurses, PNT will provide your advertisement, insert or advertorial with the exposure and impact that you need to influence these very important healthcare practitioners.