A cleaning technology breakthrough in the fight against COVID pandemic

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for effective hand sanitisers and masks have become an essential element of daily life. Many organisations started mass producing these products to meet the sudden and unexpected rise in demand. However, most of these products are manufactured utilising harmful chemicals and products. In the long run, the use of these chemically based products could potentially cause unwanted damage to health.

To fully investigate the matter, business leaders at Green Worx Cleaning Solutions took it upon themselves to conduct in-depth research into eco-friendly, equally effective solutions. Through this research, innovative eco-friendly products were found to extend the time of effective protection from virus contamination. The vast majority of regular chemically based products lose their effectiveness as soon as the surface has dried, in some instances, this means that the product is only effective for a matter of minutes. In contrast, utilising probiotic protection was found to remain effective for three to seven days post-application.

“In these hazardous times, it is essential that we are utilising the most effective and long-lasting cleaning and sanitising solutions available. It literally is a matter of life and death,” explains John J Coetzee, CEO of Green Worx Cleaning Solutions.


Coetzee explains that the advanced and long-lasting protection is due to the eco-friendly bio-enzymes in the products. Tests were done on these products using international testing standards and the evidence shows that the presence of Bacillus strains produce the enzyme protease, which breaks down the cell wall of the virus. The enzyme lipase, also present, breaks down the lipids (fats and oils). As a result, these bio-enzymatic products play an integral part in breaking down and destroying harmful molecules and pathogens.

“Utilising this technology we have created Bio Tech GTX Cleaning and Sanitizing products. Tests result have indicated that these products were 99.9% effective in the ‘Anti-Corona Virus Effect’ and ‘Anti-Bacterial Effect’,” continues Coetzee. Further comparative studies were conducted between bio-enzymatic, probiotic cleaning products and petrochemical cleaning products. These comparative studies were conducted both in controlled laboratory and real-world settings. Findings concluded that bio-enzymatic, probiotic cleaning products scored a higher percentage of efficiency, ranging from 18–79.9% for a period lasting 168 hours (7 days).


“Bio-enzymatic products have also proven to be a healthier alternative for people, animals, and the environment than those of their chemical counterparts. Additionally, the bio-enzymatic products are gentler on skin and thus safer to use in instances of sensitive skin and with children. The results of the studies are quite clear. These products are more effective, safer, kinder to the environment, and longer-lasting,” concludes Coetzee.

These findings prove to be crucial in the continual fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They offer a holistic alternative that is scientifically proven to be working for the health of people and the environment.