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A new herbal apothecary, botanical drink bar and coffee club, Cannibisters opens in Cape Town

Cannibisters, a members-only retro style herbal apothecary and coffee club, has opened in Cape Town.

The apothecary and coffee club is a dream come true for serial entrepreneur Pierre Sarembock. The club is targeted at cannabis connoisseurs and those interested in the herb for medicinal purposes.

Members will have access to the in-house Chinese Medicine doctor, who specialises in the use of botanical medicine and a qualified expert in the medicinal use of cannabis.

“I’ve always wanted to create a safe and legal place where people could come and consult a specialist to get help as well as share cannabis responsibly. Having learnt about the medicinal properties of cannabis, I believe in its immense benefits for our health and well-being.,” says Sarembock.

The airy spacious club, which is alcohol and cigarette free, offers high-speed wi-fi, couches and tables providing a relaxed place to work from as well as great coffee. The other half of the space houses a consultation room as well as the apothecary with more than 60 cannabis products which can be shared with members who pay a subscription fee of R100, valid for a month. The club has elegant ramps for the physically impaired and only provides access to those over 18 years.

Sarembock says it’s unfortunate that cannabis has always had a bad reputation, yet it has been used for treating ailments and for spiritual purposes by different cultures around the world with its history going over  2 700 years.


“As a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, I’ve learnt the hard way that anything in excess is dangerous, moderation is the key. Irresponsible use of cannabis will always have negative repercussions, but its controlled use has immense beneficial properties for insomnia, depression, chronic diseases and anxiety amongst other benefits,” he says.

Dr Andre Sorger, Pierre’s business partner and the doctor consulting at Cannibisters, holds a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine with training in Medicinal Cannabis. Within the next few months, Acupuncture will also become available.

Manned by cannibisters, specialists on the use of the herb, the club takes great care to share only quality products with patrons.

For more information, visit the website (www.cannibisters.com) or go through to 65 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town.