Achieving a sustainable Festive Season


Keeping the holidays eco-friendly may seem like a daunting and perhaps, at times, even a somewhat impossible task. However, there are entirely manageable strategies to ensure that you can celebrate the Festive Season fully while also achieving sustainability.

The Festive Season is often a time where waste increases. Many products that are not eco-friendly and/or biodegradable are used in large supply. The increased use of plastics, electricity, water and cleaning products lead to a real threat on sustainability – putting your health, your loved ones’ health, and the environment at risk.

“There are effective and easy ways to enjoy the Festive Season while still protecting the environment,” states John J Coetzee, Managing Director of Green Worx Cleaning Solutions.  Coetzee outlines some of the ‘top tips for an eco-friendly Festive Season’ as follows:

Wrapping Paper: Instead of using wrapping paper that is going to be thrown away and end up in a landfill, rather use recyclable eco-friendly paper. Once the presents have been opened, keep the paper to reuse, for instance by allowing the children to draw on it. Once you are ready to throw the paper away, use it for the garbage instead of plastic bags.

Give eco-friendly gifts: Choosing gifts that are eco-friendly – such as natural products, which are not packaged in plastic – will not only gift your loved one with a healthier product option but benefit the environment as well.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products: The increase in guests, mealtimes, and holiday activities usually means an increase in the need for cleaning as well. Using eco-friendly cleaning products will ensure that your home is being effectively cleaned, without adding any harsh chemicals to the environment. Eco-friendly products are also designed with sustainability in mind, so they are longer lasting and conserve energy and water.

Gift your leftovers: The common hosting plight of ensuring there is enough food for all the festivities often means that a lot of food usually goes to waste over the Holiday Season. Rather than throwing it all out, wrap it up (in eco-friendly wrapping) and gift it to those less fortunate.

Use energy-saving lights: There is a wide variety of energy-saving decorative lights available. These kinds of light can reduce your energy usage by up to 90 per cent.

Use reusable cutlery and crockery: While the thought of washing up might be overwhelming, the use of eco-friendly and efficient dishwashing liquid can make the task easier and healthier. Instead of using single-use paper and plastic cutlery and crockery, opt for something that will gift you and the environment.

“Achieving a sustainable holiday season is easier than it may seem. Making it a family challenge may even add a little sparkle and fun to the Festive Season,” concludes Coetzee.