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dormakaba campaigns for robust hygiene and infection protection access control

At this time of social distancing and hygiene control because of the advent of COVID-19, the ability to regulate access in high volume public areas and businesses is critical.

Leading global provider of access control and security solutions dormakaba says hygiene and infection protection measures now play a decisive role in planning new access systems or upgrading existing infrastructure.

Automated door solutions can support the implementation of preventive measures. For example, contactless functions such as opening activators in automatic doors can effectively reduce contact with door surfaces to a minimum. This boosts protection against the spread of infections

The company has initiated a campaign to assist the market in selecting the most effective infrastructure.

Automated, contactless dormakaba door systems are used in the main entrances to public buildings. These increase hygiene protection and improve traffic flow.

These systems are designed to offer touch-free opening and closing of the main entrance with automatic swing door and sliding door systems, or automated revolving doors for contactless access.

dormakaba also emphasises that intelligent door systems ensure a smooth transition between rooms inside the building. Thanks to their range of touch-free functions, dormakaba door systems can effectively and sustainably support hygiene safety measures, even when there are large volumes of people.

The benefits of practical application in an area includes barrier-free interior door with automatic, contactless radio opening; access door with automatic sliding door system with touch-free push button/radar; as well as hygienic opening and closing of sanitary facilities: automatic sliding door system with touch-free push button/radar.

With dormakaba’s safe access systems, businesses and managers of public areas can reliably meet the strict protection and hygiene requirements for safety-relevant cleanrooms and areas in healthcare facilities.

Features to boost functionality includes hygienic access to operating theatres with automated hermetic sliding door system, secure interlock system with two automatic doors for isolation wards, operating theatre anterooms or laboratories, access to patient rooms via electronic access control and touch-free access to patient rooms via automatic door operator and contactless Clearwave radar sensor.

dormakaba continues to invest in research and development to roll out next-generation access control that is uniquely designed to meet market requirements and changes.

You can find more information about our access solutions for hygiene here