First DuoCap probiotic launches in South Africa

The first probiotic in South Africa to utilise DuoCap technology – Probitec™ – was launched this month (October 2020) by Simondium-based pharmaceutical company, Evexia Pharma.

Dual-cap technology revolutionised ingestible medication and supplement markets worldwide because it dramatically increased the efficacy of these products by protecting the active ingredients from stomach acid until they reach the lower intestine, where they are most readily absorbed.


Lactobacillus acidophilus, the probiotic strain used by Probitec™, is clinically proven to reduce the symptoms caused by the effects of antibiotics, lactose Intolerance, diarrhoea, IBS, candida, allergies and bacterial vaginosis.

In addition, supplementing your diet with a probiotic to build a healthy gut has numerous benefits including better overall health, a boosted immune system, elevated mood, more energy, improved digestion and absorption of medicine, supplements and food, and regular bowel movements.

However, most probiotics do not even make it to the gut. If these good bacteria are not protected, as much as 90% are destroyed by stomach acid.


By contrast, Probitec’s DuoCap™ technology ensures the full CFU1 count of probiotic bacteria is delivered to the lower intestine. According to analyses of the best-selling probiotics, Probitec™ was shown to deliver 10 times more probiotics to the gut than the next best performing brand, and 2 000 times more than the market leader.

“The message is clear: If you take one probiotic a day, make it Probitec™,” said Evexia Pharma director, Cameron du Toit. According to Du Toit, there are two major benefits of increasing CFU delivery to the lower intestine. The first is increased efficacy of the probiotic, and the second is value for money.

“A probiotic that doesn’t get to the gut is as valuable as a dart that doesn’t hit the board – you’ve wasted a throw (your cash) and you haven’t earned any points (benefited from treatment).


“But, because all other probiotic brands experience such a high mortality rate, and given the fact that Probitec™ delivers 10 billion CFUs of probiotic bacteria, Probitec™ is seven times more cost-effective than the next best and 25 times more than the average.

“Probitec™ brings the industry average cost per billion CFU delivered to the lower intestine down from R320 to just R1.15.

“Probitec™ also improves patient compliance. Research shows that one of the main contributors to ineffective treatment is patient noncompliance. Our unique Duocap™ delivery system means that patients can take Probitec™ and their antibiotic at the same time, increasing compliance and improving patient outcomes.

“Finally, Probitec™ capsules are made of natural, vegan plant fibres, do not have any additives and are translucent with no toxins or colouring. They are sugar-free, solvent-free, preservative-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and vegetarian and Halaal friendly,” he said.


Probitec™ uses LA-14 Lactobacillus acidophilus, a probiotic found in the human body, predominantly in the digestive and urinary system.


The recommended retail price for a month’s supply of Probitec™ capsules is R349. They can be purchased from, and select Dis-Chem, Link, Alpha and MediRite pharmacies nationwide.


Note 1:

A colony-forming unit (CFU, cfu, Cfu) is a unit used in microbiology to estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells in a sample. Counting with colony-forming units requires culturing the microbes and counts only viable cells, in contrast with microscopic examination which counts all cells, living or dead.


About Probitec™:

Probitec™ (NAPPI CODE: 3000861001) is produced by Simondium-based pharmaceutical company, Evexia Pharma. Probitec™ uses LA-14 Lactobacillus acidophilus, a probiotic found in the human body, predominantly in the digestive and urinary system. Probitec’s Duocap™ technology ensures the full CFU count of probiotic bacteria is delivered to the lower intestine. LEMS® sealing ensures significantly improved resistance from oxidation and humidification. The patented liquid encapsulation process by micro-spray capsule sealing creates 8 times the seal zone of a banded capsule resulting in a one-piece fused capsule. The Licaps® capsule is designed for secure containment of ingredients and utilises a series of cutting-edge advancements in capsule filling, sealing and final product inspection to deliver the high protection and fast release your patients and consumers expect. The capsule is flushed with nitrogen, creating a nitrogen bubble that eliminates oxygen from the final sealed product to further protect the durability and quality of the bacteria. The capsule is natural: solvent, preservative, gluten, GMO, sugar and toxin-free. Duocap™, DRcaps™ and Licaps™ are trademarks of Lonza and its affiliates. and