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New Sanofi GM poised to transform Southern Africa medical and pharma industry

Kagan Keklik has taken the reigns as General Manager South Africa & Country Lead of multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare company, Sanofi, in South Africa, at a time when revolutionary technology and medical interventions are set to change lives across Africa.

With all the business acumen needed, a passion for science and expertise across several therapeutic areas and products, Keklik is already inspiring excellence in the 500 plus workforce that he leads in South Africa.

Keklik has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector where the positions he has held have spanned from managing products to leading teams in the Middle East, Eurasia, and South Asia. He has been with Sanofi for nearly 13 years, making him well-poised to take the company to new heights.


“Sanofi is dedicated to finding answers for patients by developing breakthrough medicines and vaccines. Our purpose is to chase the miracles of science to improve the lives of patients, partners, communities and our own people. We provide potentially life-changing treatments and life-saving vaccines to millions of people as well as affordable access to our medicines in some of the world’s poorest countries,” says Keklik.

Keklik is excited about the potential of the South African market. “South Africa is considered the gateway to the African continent and is an important market for the Sanofi Group. The people are driven and dynamic and there are great opportunities for growth. We are passionate about knowledge and technology transfer to ensure the local manufacturing of medicines. We sincerely look forward to helping to make a difference and I look forward to working with my team to drive change in the region,” says Keklik.

Keklik is a great proponent for forging important alliances, such as the strategic partnership with South African manufacturer, Biovac, for the local manufacture of vaccines through the transfer of manufacturing excellence, skills, and knowledge.


Keklik’s vision takes this even further: “As a world leader in the development and delivery of vaccines, we fully support continued investment in localised manufacturing and the sustainability of local vaccine supply. Through long-term partnerships such as the one we have with Biovac, we can ensure that South Africa can be a manufacturing hub that will improve the distribution of vaccines into neighboring countries.”

Supported by a strong team, Keklik is enthusiastic about unlocking not only the potential of the region but also of Sanofi itself. He sees himself as a transformative leader and believes in inspiring and empowering individuals and teams to achieve the company’s goals. At the same time, he is prepared to push limits to make a difference in both the prescription and over-the-counter medication markets.

“We are focused on growth and believe this can be achieved if we lead with innovation and accelerate efficiencies. I’ll be focusing on these levers over the next few years to ensure Sanofi maintains its position as a leading healthcare company, not only in South Africa, but throughout the region,” says Keklik.

Kagan Keklik, General Manager South Africa & Country Lead, Sanofi South Africa