NRF Health has added a convenient tube of buffered Vitamin C fizzy tablets with bioflavonoids, to their popular and affordable range of Vitamin C supplements.  Each handy pack contains 10 effervescent Vitamin C tablets which easily dissolve in a glass of water.

Vitamin C helps to protect the immune system which in turn helps the body to fight off colds and flu.   NRF Buffered Vita-C 2000 fizzy tablets contain a higher dose than normal of vitamin C which helps to both strengthen and maintain a sound immune system and keep the body in good health.

Vitamin C plays an important role in the body as it is vital for strengthening cartilage, teeth, and bones.  It also promotes healthy blood vessels by supporting the cardiovascular and circulatory systems.   Vitamin C assists in the protection of the body’s cells from damage and stimulates collagen which helps slow down the skin’s aging process.

NRF Buffered Vita-C 2000 fizzy tablets with a delicious orange flavour, provide the required daily intake of Vitamin C and are suitable for children and people who suffer with acid conditions.

NRF Buffered Vita-C 2000 Fizzy tablets are convenient for travel and daily use.

Available from most wholesalers.