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Paying homage to SA’s doctors on National Doctors’ Day


South Africa is in the midst of a healthcare crisis. A severely strained public healthcare system and the implications of the Medical Schemes Act and the NHI, could see many of South Africa’s doctors being lost to other professions and countries.

According to research conducted by trade union group Solidarity, 43% of healthcare workers would consider leaving South Africa if the government implements the NHI, and 83% believe that the scheme will drive medical professionals to emigrate.

EthiQal cares about the future of medical care in South Africa and has a firm belief that doctors should be treasured as national assets. By collaborating with healthcare practitioners, their professional societies, the legal profession and government representatives, EthiQal aims to bring stability to the medico-legal landscape and to secure the future of the medical profession, while preserving and building medical care in the country for everyone’s benefit.

Inspired by this, EthiQal is launching the 2019 National Doctors’ Day campaign to acknowledge the critical role doctors play in meeting the healthcare needs of our nation.

National Doctors’ Day aims to create awareness around the need to support and appreciate doctors, and to assure them that their contributions to our lives are recognised and valued. Dr Bettina Taylor, senior risk specialist at EthiQal, a division of Constantia Insurance Company Limited, echoes the campaign’s aspirations: “As aprovider of occurrence-based medical indemnity solutions, we believe it is our duty to champion an initiative that pays homage to our medical professionals and the work they do”.

Each year, EthiQal affords South Africans the opportunity to honour their doctors for the difference they have made to their lives. This year, EthiQal wishes to raise 1 000 “thank yous” for National Doctors’ Day and is calling on all South Africans to share their stories in the hope that it could help shape the future of healthcare in South Africa.

EthiQal is offering R20 000 to participants who join them in #RaisingThankYous. To qualify, participants must submit their stories at www.doctorsday.co.za before 15 November 2019, or by sharing their stories on the Mark Pilgrim Show on Hot 91.9 FM between 09:00 and 12:00, in the week commencing 11 November 2019.

For more information, visit www.doctorsday.co.za.