Pharma Dynamics launches affordable antipsychotic ODT

Doctors can now prescribe an affordable orally dispersible tablet (ODT), called Zoxadon ODT to treat patients with schizophrenia, bipolar and other mood or disruptive disorders in children and adults.

Abdurahmaan Kenny, Mental Health Portfolio Manager for Pharma Dynamics says Zoxadon ODT is a product that doctors and psychiatrists have been waiting for.

“An estimated 35% of the general population suffer from dysphagia – an impaired ability to swallow, which makes it difficult for these patients to take medication orally.”

“While other ODT treatment options exist, they come at a hefty price tag pushing it out of reach for many. Zoxadon ODT is priced exactly the same as the conventional tablets, which makes it more affordable for more patients.”

“Doctors prescribing risperidone now have the option of using either the conventional Zoxadon tablets or Zoxadon ODT depending on the type of patient they are treating,” says Kenny.

ODT formulations combine the advantages of both conventional tablet and liquid formulations, thus affording the convenience of a tablet formulation while allowing the ease of swallowing a liquid formulation.

Zoxadon ODT is recommended for patients with schizophrenia, mania in bipolar disorder, conduct and other disruptive behaviour disorders in children with sub-average intellectual functioning or mental retardation. It will also benefit those who struggle, or sometimes refuse, to take medication.

Other benefits of Zoxadon ODT include:

  • Fast disintegration
  • Pleasant peppermint flavour
  • Convenient and accurate dosing
  • Ease of swallowing/improved safety (less chance of choking)
  • Portable (compared to liquid formulation in bottles)

Zoxadon ODT can be taken with or without water and is available at leading pharmacies in packs of 30 tablets in doses of 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg.

Zoxadon ODT is priced as follows:


Zoxadon ODT
0.5 mg


1 mg R235.54
2 mg R477.00