SmartCRUTCH is the safest, most comfortable, technically advanced crutch ever designed and manufactured – Now available in South Africa

An established brand hugely successful in America, the UK, and recently introduced into Europe and now also available in Southern Africa


SmartCrutch’s CEO, a South African Ex Motocross rider, Colin Albertyn who is the designer, founder and manufacturer of this new innovative SmartCrutch, has impressed many internationally with his new unique crutch. It has taken the international industry by storm. It all started after numerous accidents and injuries from his sporting activities and then spending weeks at a time on crutches putting up with the pain, discomfort and agony when using crutches. “That’s when I started working on the concept of the SmartCrutch. It’s been a long hard process, taking the idea from concept to market, it’s was also a huge challenge with things like patents, prototyping, development, medical restrictions, FDA and CE compliance, funding and the nightmare of manufacturing just to mention a few,” said Colin Albertyn

“All available crutches at the time caused huge pressure, strain and damage to your hands or underarms. I tried to come up with a perfect crutch that dealt with these issues and also had to look stunning. In America, many prefer to use underarm crutches. Although the intention is for the hands to bear the weight, the hands experience extreme pressure often resulting in immense pain and nerve damage. People tend to carry the weight under their arms, which can cause all sorts of damage to other nerves and muscles. I started working on the concept, trying to figure out how it could be more comfortable, especially for long-term users. Our concept was to distribute the weight across the forearm area, instead of just your hands or underarms.” said Albertyn.

Albertyn hooked up with an engineer who could put his ideas into a manufacturable product. After many months on the computers designing the SmartCrutch, which was a very long process from the prototype to getting a final product that worked, also looked good and was well accepted then successfully launched. SmartCrutch is now selling their colourful brand range successfully worldwide, both online and through appointed distributors in 15 countries, with the future looking very positive. The company have recently expanded the range to include an attractive range of popular colours, two new sizes as well as introducing a paediatric version of the SmartCrutch.

About SmartCrutch

SmartCrutch is engineered with robust and durable materials, weighing a mere 990 grams per crutch. Ergonomically designed grips to suit the natural wrist and hand positions in a neutral state; left and right hand. Adjustable forearm brace allows the individual setting to suit one’s comfort and requirements. The forearm platform is supplied with a layer of memory foam for maximum comfort. Adjustable leg length for your required height. The crutch ferrules are unique in design, allowing the rubber to angulate in all directions during weight transfer to the ground. The crutch ferrules ensure horizontal adherence of the non-skid flat tread to the ground at all times. Customers in long-term rehabilitation, with mobility issues and medical conditions, as well as permanent crutch users have enjoyed unparalleled success with SmartCrutch. The patented design was born from a real-life experience.


Order online or call SmartCrutch’s Colin Albertyn on 072 794 2337 or 082 771 6361, visit their website or e-mail them on  SmartCrutch video clips can be viewed online. Trade enquiries welcome. Written and distributed for SmartCrutch Int. by Digger Marketing 011 476 9350 / 083 449 5589.