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VitalAire strengthens its home healthcare offer with an acquisition to support diabetic patients in South Africa

VitalAire, Air Liquide’s entity specialised in-home healthcare services for chronic patients, is broadening its range of services with the acquisition of the diabetes division of Ethitech, a leader in medical technology and diabetes medical devices distribution in South Africa. This acquisition enables VitalAire to meet the growing need of patients with diabetes in South Africa, leveraging on innovative connected technologies and offering personalised patient follow-up.


VitalAire is a leading nationwide provider of respiratory care services and products for patients at home, both in the public and private sectors. VitalAire supports patients with chronic illnesses through innovative healthcare products and services. This new acquisition will enable VitalAire to support diabetic patients with diabetic nurses initiating treatment, training and following up on the patients assisted by state-of-the-art medical devices. VitalAire aims to develop value-based healthcare models that improve patients’ medical outcomes and quality of life while contributing to the sustainability of the healthcare system.

Established in 2004, Ethitech distributes some of the world’s leading medical devices for diabetes and point-of-care testing to clinics, care centres, and independent practitioners throughout South Africa. The diabetes division supports today more than 1 000 type 1 diabetic patients.


According to the International Diabetes Federation, in South Africa, the prevalence of diabetes is high, with 10.8% of the population (aged 20–79) with the condition in 2021. Diabetes is a chronic illness that requires, in some cases, treatment with insulin. Advanced technologies – including insulin pump therapy coupled with continuous glucose monitoring – together with personalised care support, are used for gold standard treatment. Over the long term, this combination of services and technology enables patients to properly manage their disease and improve their health, as well as their quality of life, while contributing to the efficiency of the healthcare system by reducing costs related to complications and comorbidities.

Natasha Naidoo, Managing Director VitalAire South Africa, said: “We are delighted to welcome the Ethitech Diabetes team to Air Liquide. Their expertise in innovative medical technology for Diabetes care coupled with our solid experience in the home healthcare market broadens our services offer with the aim to improve the quality of life of chronic patients in South Africa.”


Contact: Lorraine Matanda, Communications Director AMEI | lorraine.matanda@airliquide.com


About VitalAire

VitalAire is the international brand for Air Liquide’s Home Healthcare activities. VitalAire is an expert in chronic diseases, supporting around 1.3 million chronic patients at home in 25 countries. Committed to working daily alongside healthcare professionals, VitalAire aims to provide innovative services that enhance patients’ health and quality of life.


About Air Liquide Healthcare

Air Liquide Healthcare is a world leader in medical gases, home healthcare services and speciality ingredients. Our 16 300 employees support 1.8 million chronic patients and serve 15 000 hospitals and new locations of care. We are committed to working alongside professionals and institutions to improve patients’ health and quality of life and make the healthcare system more efficient and virtuous for all. Patient-centric and value-based healthcare approach is fully part of our strategy and our signature “Changing Care. With You.” reflects this commitment.