The Andolex range and products are known to provide relief for patients suffering from a sore throat, mouth or gums1.  These patients may suffer from sore throats due to viral or bacterial infections, mouth ulcers, oral conditions such as gingivitis or periodontitis or for relief of post-surgical procedures such as a tonsillectomy 1.

The Andolex brand is the number one prescribed product by general practitioners and dentists2 as a first-line symptomatic relief of a sore throat, mouth and or gums3.

The Andolex-C range contains Benzydamine HCL and Chlorhexidine Gluconate; which provides a 4 in 1 effect for fast, effective relief 1,2,3,4. Andolex C reduces pain, inflammation and swelling of the mouth or throat, offering effective local anaesthetic action1,4. The added Chlorhexidine provides a broad spectrum antiseptic activity, killing or inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi 5. Chlorhexidine gluconate is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ in chemical plaque control and has been proven to effectively reduce plaque by 33% and gingivitis by 26%6.

Andolex C throat sprays boast an easy to use 360° rotating nozzle, allowing on site application in the area of pain or inflammation. Adding to the benefits of this treatment is the introduction of the new stay-in-place cap, which offers patients a durable travel-friendly applicator bottle with reduced exposure to dust as well as minimised potential for leakage.

In 2017, iNova Pharmaceuticals launched the Andolex-C Antibacterial Mouthwash which contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate alone without the Benzydamine HCL. The 0,12% Chlorhexidine can be used in patients who suffer from minor gingivitis or periodontitis who need plaque reduction. Andolex C Antibacterial Mouthwash is suitable for use from 6 years old and comes in aniseed and peppermint flavour. The dosage recommendations include rinsing with 10ml twice a day for no longer than 10 days without consulting with a healthcare professional.

Clinical studies show that Benzydamine/chlorhexidine sprays significantly reduce the pain of a viral sore throat without causing any serious side effects8, while in Strep throat the combination has shown to alleviate the intensity of clinical signs when used alongside a standard antibiotic treatment.7

 For convenience and on-the-go relief, the Andolex-C lozenges provide symptomatic relief of minor infections, sore or painful conditions of the mouth and throat8. Each lozenge contains the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and local anaesthetic ingredient; Benzydamine hydrochloride with the added antiseptic benefit of Cetylpyridinium chloride8. Andolex- C lozenges, are sugar free and are available in a range of flavours including mint fresh, eucalyptus menthol, raspberry, orange and honey and lemon.

For tangible relief from mouth ulcers, sore gums or from irritation due to dentures, the Andolex-C Oral Gel is often recommended9. The gel provides analgesic relief and is easy to apply 7,9

Andolex C assists with relief from every day oral conditions in adults and children 6 years and above, helping to improve people’s oral health and well-being every day.

More information about the full Andolex-C holistic range, go to www.andolex.co.za.

This editorial has been commissioned and brought to you by iNova Pharmaceuticals. Content in this editorial is for general information only and is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice.


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