What makes the Norflex range different

With the myriad of muscle relaxants and gels on the market, it can be difficult to know which treatment is right for your patient.

Muscle strains and spasms are common.[1] When a patient presents with everyday muscle strains or spasms caused by injury, sport or work-related accidents, the Norflex® range should be your first choice. Not only is Norflex® South Africa’s most prescribed muscle relaxant brand,[2] it also has proven efficacy, with generally tolerable side effects and can assist in the treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions with associated muscle spasm.[3]

What makes the Norflex® range different is that it is the only range containing both topical and systemic treatments, giving healthcare practitioners a choice of effective[3] relief depending on their patients’ specific needs.

Norflex® Co contains 35 mg Orphenadrine citrate along with 450 mg Paracetamol[4] which has been shown to significantly relieve pain, stiffness and functional impairment. The Paracetamol limits distress due to pain and the Orphenadrine citrate facilitates early mobility by overcoming excessive muscle spasm.[5] Norflex® Co, which patients can take 3-4 times daily, gets to work on the strain or spasm quickly, within as little as 30 minutes.[8] It is also the only musculoskeletal treatment available in a 24 pack.[4]

Norflex® (Orphenadrine citrate) is the only 100mg tablet on the market for patients who only require spasm relief and do not require the additional pain relief,[6] with an onset of action of 1 hour.[3] Norflex® works centrally and interferes with reflex pathways for pain and skeletal muscle contraction.[8],[10]

To ease inflammation that accompanies a muscle strain or spasm, offer your patient Norflex® Gel, the first-to-market anti-inflammatory Benzydamine Hydrochloride topical gel in South Africa.[7] It provides patients with a short-term treatment for the symptomatic and localised relief associated with painful inflammatory conditions of the musculoskeletal system.[7]

Norflex® Gel can be massaged lightly into the affected area to provide targeted anti-inflammatory, analgesic[3] and local anaesthetic[9] relief between 3 to 6 times daily, depending on the severity of the pain[7]and is available in both a 30 g and 75 g pack.

For quick effective relief[3] of everyday muscle strains or spasms with a favourable safety profile,[4],[6],[7] choose the Norflex® range of muscle relaxants.



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