Natural relief for those pesky allergies

Allergies are increasing worldwide, with a third of South Africans suffering from some allergic condition during their life. 40% of allergy sufferers are children1.

One of the more common forms of allergy is allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, which occurs in approximately 20-30% of the population1.

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to small particles of plant or animal protein that weigh so little that they can be carried through the air and get deposited on the membranes of the eyes, nose and throat3. Common triggers for hay fever include dust mites2, pollens of grass, trees and weeds3, moulds and pet hair2.

Symptoms include an itching, blocked or runny nose, sneezing or a post nasal drip. Other symptoms can also include itchy eyes, ears or palate, red eyes, sore throat, coughing, irritability and lack of sleep1.

Allergies may cause relatively mild symptoms4 which some sufferers might prefer to treat with a natural remedy, particularly since so many allergy sufferers are children1.

One such treatment is the FLUGON™ Colds, Flu and Allergy range, which contains quercetin, an antioxidant found naturally in black tea and many other foods which eases the symptoms of seasonal allergies5.In fact, in laboratory research, quercetin has also been found to possess antihistamine properties5.

Preliminary evidence from studies have shown that quercetin may slow the release of histamines, the chemical released by the immune system when exposed to certain allergens, which triggers allergy symptoms like itching, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes5.

Quercetin has also been shown to have long-lasting anti-inflammatory effects on the allergic reaction6.

FLUGON™, which can be used daily throughout the year, also contains  natural ingredients such as Beta-carotene, Citrus bioflavonoids, Vitamin C and Zinc for their antioxidant properties7,8 as well as Pelargonium, Echinachea and Elderberry extract for their antiviral properties9,10..

This Colds, Flu and Allergy range includes capsules, fizzies and a colds and flu syrup, all suitable for ages 12 years and older. Grape flavoured FLUGON™ Fizzy Kidz is available for children over the age of 4.

Remember that all allergies need to be taken seriously as in extreme cases, an allergic reaction can cause anaphylactic shock and even death4.

Look out for the yellow range from FLUGON™ to treat Colds, Flu and Allergy which can be taken at the onset of colds and flu or all year round to provide natural relief for mild allergy symptoms5,6.

Further information is available on request from iNova Pharmaceuticals. Name and business address: iNova Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd. Co. Reg. No. 1952/001640/07. 15E Riley Road, Bedfordview. Tel. No. 011 087 0000. IN704/19


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