Professional Nursing Today (PNT) is the official journal for a number of influential nursing organisations:
the Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders (FPNL), the Neonatal Nurses Association of Southern Africa (NNASA), the South African Gastrointestinal Nurses Society (SAGINS), the Society for Private Nursing Practitioners (SPNP), the Nursing Education Association (NEA) and the South African Urology Nursing Association (SAUNA). PNT is also distributed to clinic nurses at all DisChem, Clicks, and Netcare Stork Nests.

Nursing practitioners rely on PNT to provide them with clinically applicable and academic content covering a wide range of topics such as mother and child health, vaccinology, primary healthcare, critical care, and wound care. Nurses do more than care for individuals, they innovate, influence, and drive therapeutic decisions at the most basic levels through direct interaction with their patients.

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New COVID-19 breakthrough: protective protein proven to block the virus

British-led scientists have now scientifically proven an antiviral protein, developed to fight flu pandemics, is effective against the virus that causes Covid-19. Virustatic Shield is the only face-covering available that has a protective Viruferrin™ coating.

Routine immunisation services to continue during the COVID-19 pandemic

According to Dr Melinda Suchard, Head of the Centre for Vaccines and Immunology at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, all routine childhood immunisation services are advised to continue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Africa to breathe easier with landmark OBEL® RespiClear® range

Local specialist brand-building distributor, ACDOCO SA is soon to offer yet another pharmaceutical first in South Africa, this time an affordable, locally manufactured, nature-inspired highly effective decongestant range. The OBEL® range includes RespiClear® Nebs, RespiClear® Vapor Rub and RespiClear® Drops.

How to make your workspaces safe after lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown has had an unprecedented impact on how businesses operate. Negatives aside, this pandemic is an opportunity to push workspaces into the future with new health technologies. We already know that a virus will survive on many surfaces that make up our office spaces and this means the potential risks for virus transmission in the workplace are everywhere. Health and safety regulations will adapt to protect our labour force and it is the responsibility of every business owner to adapt with them.

What’s the real story with masks in SA?

Health NGO Right to Care, which is supporting the Department of Health with its coronavirus response, is calling on all South Africans to wear masks when leaving home. “South African citizens must wear cloth masks, not only because we have to comply, but also because it could protect other people if you are infected but not aware of it. A mask is one of the layers of protection against the spread of the virus,” says Dr Eula Mothibi, executive director at Right to Care who also manages Right to Care International.

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