An effective double action formulation to relieve both dry cough and nasal symptoms1,2

iNova Pharmaceuticals has launched an exciting new product to their cough portfolio, adding to their well-established range of dry and wet cough relief options. Pholtex, South Africa’s number one prescribed dry cough brand, is proud to announce the launch of Pholtex Plus 2,3.

Pholtex Plus is an effective double action formulation to relieve a dry cough and a blocked nose 2; common complaints associated with viral upper respiratory infections, Allergic rhinitis and Post-nasal drip4, 5.  Pholtex Plus contains Pholcodine and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride, the only combination of its kind on the South African market 1,2.

Pholcodine acts directly on the cough centre of the brain (in the medulla) to suppress a dry cough and provide day and night time relief. Pholcodine has little, if any analgesic or euphoriant effects, is generally non-constipating and is non-habit forming. In fact, 10mg of Pholcodine is equipotent to 15 mg codeine in suppressing a cough6,7.

Phenylephrine hydrochloride is a selective alpha sympathomimetic that provides effective relief of nasal congestion associated with the common cold, within as little as 15-30 minutes8. Phenylephrine has been used internationally as a nasal decongestant for more than 70 years and has a well-established efficacy and safety profile 4,8,9.

Pholtex Plus will be available at leading pharmacies countrywide from May 2018 and is available in both a 100 ml and 200 ml pack sizes.

Many people have trouble differentiating between these two types of coughs, and end up using the incorrect treatments, causing their cough to remain untreated for longer than necessary10.

iNova is also launching a consumer website to educate patients about the difference between a wet and dry cough, their respective symptoms and how to treat each cough effectively.

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Name and business address of applicant: iNova Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Limited. Co. Reg. No.1952/001640/07, 15E Riley Road, Bedfordview. Tel. No. 011 087 0000. For full prescribing information, refer to the individual package inserts as approved by the Medicines Control Council (MCC). Further information is available on request from iNova Pharmaceuticals.


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