A cough is one of the most common symptoms for which patients seek medical attention. Cough is a vital defensive reflex that enhances the clearance of secretions and particles from the airways and protects the lower airways from the aspiration of foreign materials1.

There are so many cough mixtures available which are frequently prescribed for cough associated with upper respiratory diseases. Making an informed, therapeutically sound choice to suit the needs of the patient is imperative for a healthcare practitioner or pharmacist2.

While a cough can be a common symptom of both a cold and flu, many patients have trouble differentiating between these two types of coughs, and may end up using the incorrect treatments, leading to a cough remaining untreated for longer than necessary3

 Cough mixtures for wet coughs either contain a single ingredient, or a combination of ingredients to promote coughing and make it easier to cough up mucus or phlegm 2,4,5.  Because a wet cough should not be suppressed, as the phlegm or mucus may cause breathing problems or infection6, mucolytics such as bromhexine, help to decrease mucus viscosity, making it easier for the patient to cough up mucus2.  

Bronchodilators such as salbutamol relieve a tight chest by relaxing the muscles around the airways, allowing for easier breathing2. They also reduce the volume of mucus secretion2. A combination of a mucolytic and a bronchodilator works well for a wet cough 2,5.

iNova’s cough solutions bring relief for both a wet and dry cough. Duro-Tuss provides relief for a wet cough and is South Africa’s only salbutamol/bromhexine combination 7,8,9. The combination of a bronchodilator together with a mucolytic is an ideal solution to help relieve a wet cough and expel the phlegm from the chest5.

Salbumamol is a B2-selective adrenergic bronchodilator which acts by stimulating B2 adrenergic receptors in the lungs to relax bronchial smooth muscle. Bromhexine hydrochloride, in turn, reduces the viscosity of non-infected secretions from mucous cells in the respiratory tract7.

Duro-Tuss, which is available in both 100ml and 200 ml bottles, is sugar-free, alcohol-free and tartrazine-free and provides effective relief of a wet cough and tight chest7.

For more information about iNova’s  cough solutions go to www.inovapharma.co.za or direct your patients to www.knowyourcough.co.za.

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