iNova Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd has launched Pregnavit M fizzy, the first prenatal effervescent in South Africa, for use before, during and after pregnancy.

Pregnavit M fizzy contains a comprehensive formulation with Folic Acid as well as other essential vitamins and minerals. Pregnavit M fizzy has a great tasting tropical flavour.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, prenatal vitamins are recommended to cover any possible nutritional gaps in a pregnant women’s diet1. Furthermore, Folic Acid, one of the core components in Pregnavit M fizzy, has been proven to help prevent neural tube birth defects, which can develop within the first 28 days after conception1. It is for this reason that prenatal vitamins are recommended for women who could fall pregnant or who are trying to get pregnant 1.

Pregnavit M fizzy also contains Amino Acid Chelated (AAC) Iron, a form of iron developed to help with iron deficiency anemia2. Pregnancy doubles the body’s iron requirements and puts pregnant women at an increased risk of developing iron deficiency3. Taking a prenatal vitamin that contains iron can help alleviate iron deficiency anaemia during pregnancy3.

Pregnavit M fizzy, comes in a pack of 30 effervescent tablets and should be taken once a day in approximately 100-200 ml of water. It is now available at leading pharmacies countrywide.

This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use. Health supplements do not replace a healthy diet and lifestyle. For more information, speak to your healthcare professional. Further information is available on request from iNova Pharmaceuticals. Name and business address: iNova Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd. Co. Reg. No. 1952/001640/07. 15E Riley Road, Bedfordview. Tel. No. 011 087 0000. IN639/19


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