The South African General Practitioner (SAGP) circulates to general practitioners and family physicians in South Africa via Medicross and Intercare. This new title is a peer reviewed journal that publishes the contributions of local key opinion leaders and researchers. CPD articles, evidence based review articles, pharmaceutical product updates and original research address the information needs of the target audience. Sections include therapy in practice, focus on the young patient, practice management, home health care, chronic disease management, geriatric care and medical malpractice.


Editor: Prof. Kim Outhoff – University of Pretoria
Dr Cameron Meyer – Intercare
Dr Zuki Tshabalala – University of Pretoria
Prof. Oppel Greeff – Medwell South Africa
Dr Andre Marais – University of Pretoria
Dr Martin de Villiers – Medwell South Africa

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South Africans at increasing risk of vision loss

With an ever-growing number of South Africans diagnosed with diabetes and an ageing population, loss of vision due to diabetic eye complications and age-related visual conditions is on the rise. Diabetic retinopathy, a complication of diabetes that damages the blood vessels in the retina at the back of the eye, is the leading cause of vision loss globally.

Drones boost healthcare supply chains

Health workers serving remote communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) must often undertake a six-day return journey to collect vaccines, traversing dense tropical forests and often the raging Congo River and its tributaries. Drone technology is offering a lifesaving solution to the challenges, including helping to ensure that cold chains are maintained, and vaccine quality is not compromised.

Healthier lifestyles can prevent or delay dementia

More than 50-million people globally live with dementia, a figure expected to treble in the next 30 years, but up to 40% of cases could be prevented or delayed by reducing risks – including getting exercise, eating healthily, and staying mentally fit and socially active.

Rupanase® Allergy Nasal Spray now available in South Africa

New Rupanase® Allergy Nasal Spray reduces symptoms of allergic rhinitis and strengthens cell membranes to fight against a variety of viral infections.

Honour the “brave”: celebrating the next generation of healthcare professionals

Season 2 of ‘Sponsors of Brave’ is now open for nominations – calling all aspiring, current, or recently graduated and community service healthcare students boldly and bravely changing the world around them.

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