South African Pharmacist’s Assistant (SAPA) is the official mouthpiece of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA). SAPA is aimed at pharmacist’s assistants (PAs) who have undergone formal basic and post-basic training and who are registered with the South African Pharmacy Council. PAs work under close supervision of the pharmacist and are trained to advise the public on all self-medication issues. They are allowed to dispense schedule 0-2 medicines or so-called over the counter preparations in South Africa. SAPA provides the PA with the necessary clinical as well as drug information in order to advise customers on the prudent use and limitations of self-medication. Clear guidelines are given as to when self-medication is appropriate and when medical attention may be necessary. The PA also assists the pharmacist in other pharmaceutical functions like stock taking, storing of medicines, preparing and mixing medicines and filling scripts under the pharmacist’s supervision. The content of the journal is seasonal to closely reflect what is happening in the pharmacy.

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Health check on COVID-19 Healthcare Regulations in South Africa

Numerous legal and regulatory measures have been introduced to address the impact of COVID-19. Although the measures affect all industries, many of them are applicable specifically to the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Lawyers from Baker McKenzie in Johannesburg outline some of the key measures introduced in South Africa since the pandemic began.

SA’s leading provider of CVS medicine launches two new valsartan products

Pharma Dynamics, the country’s leading supplier of cardiovascular medicine, has introduced Regoval (valsartan) and Regoval Co (valsartan/hydrochlorothiazide).

The Next Generation of Brave: PhD student Veneshley Samuels aims to combat infectious disease in South Africa

Veneshley Samuels has been nominated for Adcock Ingram OTC’s ‘Sponsors of Brave: The Next Generation’, a platform to aid healthcare students financially in their studies, provide them with impactful mentorship from academic, professional and industry leaders and subsequently promote career development in the healthcare sector.

Is your child’s gut health up to scratch?

We are already well into spring, many of our children are going back to school after a long period of staying at home and we are in the midst of a very unsettling and unusual time with the world shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the renewed emphasis on healthy eating and supporting immune systems, many parents may be setting goals of preparing healthier family meals and nutritious school lunches. While most of us know that well-balanced, consistent nutrition is very important for growth and development from birth and into adulthood, how many of us are aware of the importance of gut health, especially in our children?

Child growth awareness – how an app can help you monitor child’s growth

During September Child Growth Awareness was commemorated extensively but it remains an important topic for all parents throughout their child’s life.
On 20 September 2020, organisations united globally to promote the educational initiative of International Children’s Growth Awareness. The goal is to share and support the key message of the campaign in order to inform parents about the importance of annual and regular growth checks for their children.

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