Advances in UV technology for disinfection

Ideco Biometrics is setting new standards for disinfecting biometric sensors by using ultraviolet technologies to destroy most known viruses and bacteria.

Parents urged to vaccinate children before 2021 school year 

As the race to find a vaccine against the Coronavirus speeds up, the pandemic has shown the importance of vaccines in keeping us safe. Yet South Africa’s child vaccination rate has dropped: worryingly, in SA, statistics from the Department of Health (DOH) show that immunisation coverage in April dropped to 61% in 2020, down from 82% in 2019. The rate for measles decreased further to 55%. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends the immunisation coverage for countries to be 95%. Does this put our children’s health at risk, especially as more children go back to the classroom? Dr Iqbal Karbanee, CEO of Paed-IQBabyLine, discusses this issue.

Health checks and treatment should be addressed even during COVID-19

Around the world, many people are choosing to delay treatment for serious and chronic ailments because they are worried about being exposed to COVID-19 in healthcare settings.
Hospitals and general practitioners in some parts of Australia estimated a 50% drop in attendance during the first few months after the pandemic emerged. Although there are no concrete figures, anecdotal evidence collected by members of the Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA) suggests that this worrying trend is also playing out in South Africa’s private clinical settings.

Health check on COVID-19 Healthcare Regulations in South Africa

Numerous legal and regulatory measures have been introduced to address the impact of COVID-19. Although the measures affect all industries, many of them are applicable specifically to the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Lawyers from Baker McKenzie in Johannesburg outline some of the key measures introduced in South Africa since the pandemic began.

Is your child’s gut health up to scratch?

Is your child’s gut health up to scratch?

We are already well into spring, many of our children are going back to school after a long period of staying at home and we are in the midst of a very unsettling and unusual time with the world shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the renewed emphasis on healthy eating and supporting immune systems, many parents may be setting goals of preparing healthier family meals and nutritious school lunches. While most of us know that well-balanced, consistent nutrition is very important for growth and development from birth and into adulthood, how many of us are aware of the importance of gut health, especially in our children?

Child growth awareness – how an app can help you monitor child’s growth

During September Child Growth Awareness was commemorated extensively but it remains an important topic for all parents throughout their child’s life.
On 20 September 2020, organisations united globally to promote the educational initiative of International Children’s Growth Awareness. The goal is to share and support the key message of the campaign in order to inform parents about the importance of annual and regular growth checks for their children.

Pandemic delivers mixed fortunes for laboratory, analytics industry

The pandemic has resulted in an overall drop in revenues for global laboratory and analytics businesses, although some segments in the sector reported a spike in demand. The pandemic catalysed change not only in manufacturers and distributors in the sector but also in the industry’s leading trade event. analytica, the world’s leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology, will now be staged 100% virtually from October 19 to 23 2020.

COVID-19 — Private hospitals an ‘obsessive infection control bubble’

Patients returning to private hospitals for treatment will find themselves in an “obsessive infection control bubble” environment that is intended to keep them safer from the novel coronavirus than virtually anywhere else. Hospitals have paid close attention to their systems to ensure as heightened a state of safety for patients from the virus exists, as is possible. COVID-19 shouldn’t deter anyone from seeking healthcare.

Local digital health company acquired by global insurance leader

Digital health and wellness services company HealthInsite, has been acquired by international insurance giant Zurich. HealthInsite offers a range of innovative health tech products which impact on engagement, productivity, and health outcomes through the incorporation of health risk assessments, physical activity and biometric tracking, behavioural change challenges that reduce lifestyle risk, sophisticated rewards system and personalised content covering physical, mental, financial and social health.

New supplement launched in SA to assist with male infertility

New supplement launched in SA to assist with male infertility

For many couples, starting a family happens naturally without any detailed planning or interventions. Unfortunately, when trying to conceive, 15% of couples struggle and may need to seek medical advice about how to improve their chances of falling pregnant. Fortunately, SINOPOL® him is now available in South Africa.

1 in 28 SA women affected by breast cancer – detecting breast cancer through mammograms increases survival

1 in 28 SA women affected by breast cancer – detecting breast cancer through mammograms increases survival

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer amongst women in South Africa, affecting 1 in 28 women, and in urban communities the incidence is as high as 1 in 8 according to National Health Laboratory statistics. But early screening and detection of the disease dramatically improve women’s chances of survival and reduces the need for aggressive and invasive treatment. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Breast Imaging Society of South Africa (BISSA) urges women to regularly self-examine and have an annual mammogram from the age of 40.

A healthy heart matters this World Heart Day

A healthy heart matters this World Heart Day

In South Africa, 255 people die from heart diseases every single day, despite the fact that 80% of heart diseases and strokes can be prevented. Healthy food choices can positively impact cardiovascular health and immunity in a matter of weeks and along with moderate physical activity, can reduce the risk of heart disease and play a vital role in maintaining an optimal immune response.

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