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Data compliance for healthcare

Data compliance for healthcare

According to legislation, all healthcare facilities including hospitals and clinics are required to manage the complete destruction of all data when IT assets reach end-of-life. PoPIA requires them to practice due diligence and ensure their storerooms go through the expected data erasure techniques essential to protect company data.

Setting our sights on ILEVRO 0.3% once daily

Novartis Ophthalmology are proud to announce the launch of new ILEVRO® Eye Drops, (nepafenac 3 mg/ml, suspension), a prodrug NSAID at a convenient and compliance enhancing once-daily dose

Telemedicine revolutionises diabetes management in South Africa

A recent report by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), supported by Abbott, has revealed that diabetes was the second leading cause of death after Tuberculosis (TB) in South Africa. A condition such as diabetes needs regular check-ins with healthcare professionals and close monitoring; however, considering COVID-19, the seriousness of diabetes led to an imperative shift to remote patient consultations and telemedicine in the country.