Intercare partners with super app for immediate access to primary healthcare

Innovative healthcare organisation, Intercare Group, is announcing the extension of its virtual or in-practice medical consultations via a smartphone application, bringing it closer to home. It has partnered with SA Doctors App, a free smartphone health app that has connected more than 1.2 million users in medical need with medical practitioners, since its launch in 2016. “Intercare has a patient-centric approach and aims to continuously introduce innovative and value-added healthcare solutions and products that not only benefit patients, but also healthcare professionals.

We form partnerships with like-minded companies and are excited to partner with SA Doctors App, thereby offering patients not already part of the Intercare family access to existing Telehealth services and other ways of interacting with an Intercare healthcare professional. Immediate access to a practitioner is not only convenient but also save patients time and money”, says Hendri Hanekom, Group Executive, Strategy & Innovation, Intercare Group.


“We’ve seen digital transformation in healthcare as the positive impact technology can have on healthcare. Although this tectonic shift has lagged behind in South Africa, compared to other parts of the world, we’re fully embracing the Internet of Things (IoT), which is part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) – making healthcare more accessible and more affordable. In digital innovation terms the results include; streamlining of physicians’ work, optimising systems, improving patient outcomes, reducing human error, lowering costs through web and mobile interaction and greater accessibility,” says founder of SA Doctors App, Willie van Zyl.

“We have seen a dynamic shift in the role of digital technology within healthcare. Our focus on partnering with best of sorts digital-healthcare enablers and software services are to the benefit of our users and healthcare practitioners. Digital technology is now at the core of large-scale innovation and disruption, causing sweeping transformations within healthcare. This is why partnering with Intercare made perfect sense as our vision to build innovative healthcare solutions is on par”, says van Zyl.


SA Doctors App was initially developed to connect the user within moments with his/her nearest medical practice, hospital, pharmacy or veterinary. The digital platform enabled scheduling consultations with doctors, including a map to help with the fastest route. Since its inception, partnerships with software services and products have expanded in a diverse way to include big business players to the likes of Solidariteit, MediFin and pharmacy groups Arrie Nel, Spar, Pick n Pay and Link.

To continue the rate of growth with digital healthcare solutions, SA Doctors App has opened its portfolio to include short and long term investment opportunities with above-average returns. These diverse investment opportunities is a very unique proposition to the private sector.

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