New COVID-19 breakthrough: protective protein proven to block the virus

Virustatic Shield: shield yourself and protect others

Anglesey, June 18: British-led scientists have now scientifically proven an antiviral protein, developed to fight flu pandemics, is effective against the virus that causes COVID-19.

The ground-breaking Viruferrin™ coating is already applied to Virustatic Shield face coverings. Now laboratory tests by independent scientists from VisMederi at the University of Siena found it inhibits SARS-CoV-2, the strain behind the current, deadly pandemic.

And the latest discovery paves the way for new ways that Viruferrin™ could be used in the treatment of COVID-19 and preventing its spread.

The lab reports received validate more than 10 years of pioneering research, led by UK biotech firm Virustatic Ltd. Results show Viruferrin™ inhibits coronavirus by creating a protective shield over parts of the cell to prevent the virus entry.

Virustatic Shield is the only face-covering available that has a protective Viruferrin™ coating.

Lucy Hope, of Virustatic Ltd, said: “Developing this ground-breaking coating has been our family’s life work. All along we’ve been confident in the product’s abilities to stop and kill respiratory viruses such as influenza, but as of today we have the scientific proof that it is effective against the current world pandemic, COVID-19.”

Lucy is the daughter of British inventor Paul Hope, who made it his mission to find a way to prevent deaths caused in pandemics after his own grandfather died of the Spanish Flu in 1919. This latest discovery builds on 10 years of work by Paul, his family and a team of British scientists and virologists.

Lucy continued: “This is a huge breakthrough in the fight against the coronavirus and takes us one step closer to finding a cure. It allows us to take our research to the next level in creating new products and technologies that ultimately could beat the current pandemic and prevent future outbreaks.

“We’ve also done everything in our power to make our product environmentally friendly. The Virustatic Shield is not a single-use product, it is washable and reusable.”

The Shield’s design will protect wearers more than any home-made mask or face covering. It provides a comfortable seal and contours the face, it cuts the escape of virus-laden fluid aerosols and droplets, the team says.

Today’s news comes as governments around the world advise citizens to wear protective face coverings in a bid to break the lockdown that has affected billions. The economic cost of the pandemic is vast and face coverings help the world to get back to work and socially distance effectively.

New rules on face coverings now mean people in SA not wearing face coverings will be barred from being in public areas.
Lucy added: “We are already in talks with the UK Government and multiple NHS trusts and have so far donated more than 15 000 Virustatic Shields to frontline workers in the UK.”

Virustatic Limited worked with leading UK virologist Dr Robert Lambkin-Williams to devise and oversee the latest series of COVID-19 experiments at VisMederi.

The Italian laboratory is one of the few in the world qualified to carry out the work, as it is certified to Biological Safety Level BSL3.

Dr Lambkin-Williams said: “These experiments demonstrate at the cellular level Viruferrin™ prevents SARS-CoV-2 infection. This undoubtedly deserves further research and development. COVID-19 is an immediate global public health crisis.”

The Virustatic Shield is available directly from the website

Only effective in controlling the spread of germs when used in conjunction with a strict personal hygiene routine, as explained by health officials.