Deep Heat relaunch SA’s only ibuprofen gel, Deep Relief 

Mentholatum SA, a health & wellness company and the makers of Deep Heat, relaunches the only Ibuprofen gel on the South African Market – Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel.

Many people are under the misconception that muscle and joint pain is primarily derived from activities such as gym or running. The truth is that the common cause of pain are daily activities involving lifting, handling or poor posture.

Simple tasks such as looking at your phone, typing at your keyboard, poor posture, carrying shopping bags and the kids, cleaning your home and even driving are common culprits behind niggly pains that don’t go away.

For the everyday athlete, aches and pains can really set you back and hinder your progress. Training whilst enduring pain can often worsen the problem.

There are various ways to treat pain. For most people continuously using painkillers is not ideal for a multitude of reasons. When compared to oral anti-inflammatory medication, topical anti-inflammatory gels such as Deep Relief were found to offer numerous benefits. Topical gels are directly absorbed at the site of injury thus the product doesn’t pass through the internal organs and it has a lower incidence of gastro-intestinal side effects.

Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel is a topical anti-inflammatory and analgesic which treats acute musculo-skeletal pain fast and effectively. [1] It combines the powerful pain-relieving action of Ibuprofen and the immediate cooling sensation of Menthol. [2] The ability to apply the gel directly to the affected area means you will receive targeted pain relief, that is also long lasting. Additional benefits are its non-greasy formulation, along with the pleasant scent of menthol. Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel is ideal for the mom with the aching back to the marathon runner.

Why this product is a differentiator on the market:

Deep Relief is a powerful topical anti-inflammatory and analgesic intended for the symptomatic relief of acute painful musculo-skeletal conditions caused by trauma such as sports injuries, sprains, strains and contusions. Deep Relief Gel formulation is non-greasy and contains 5% Ibuprofen and 3% Menthol. It is known as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

  • It works at both levels of the pain mechanism; on inflammation as well as disrupting pain signals. [2]
  • It combines the powerful pain-relieving action of Ibuprofen and the immediate cooling sensation of Menthol. [2]
  • The formulation has penetration enhancers, which speed up the absorption of the Ibuprofen through the skin directly to the point of pain in the muscles and joints. [3]
  • The topical application is an effective alternative to oral Ibuprofen. This helps avoid unwanted gastro intestinal side effects associated with chronic use of oral medication. [4]

The good news for shoppers is that Deep Relief is available in various sizes, making it convenient to keep on hand. The 30g & 50g tubes are available on the shelf in store whilst the 100g is found behind the pharmacy counter. It is available in Clicks, Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite & selected pharmacies.



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